Where All The Magic Happens

Here’s where all the filling up happens. This part of the website is where you can expect to find posts that are cut into different categories just to fit your personal preference. We all go through different things at different times, and The Filling Station groups those accordingly so that they are more suiting to your situation.

We encourage comments on our posts so as to push conversations among people who relate to each other because we believe one person’s story is another person’s breakthrough. Our posts are based mostly on boosting positivity and inspiring people to better their lives.



We have a range of topics to choose from to feed your soul and just get into the right frequency. Currently, our categories are:

  • Friendships
    • Because we know those can also get out of control, with most people ending up asking the dreadful question: Do I really need friends?
  • Relationships
    • These make up a large part of our depression and anxiety, and we will delve deeper into this topic.
  • Men
    • The soldiers who aren’t meant to even comment about how they feel. So much pressure is put on a man and that leads to depression.
    • Probably the most judged group in the world, but we are here to keep them going.
  • Women
    • Because women love to relate.

We will make daily posts, grouped into different categories and eventually collecting to give you the pleasure of reading.


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