The Beauty of Relating

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Friendships, relationships, work teams, family and plenty other unions depend on relating in order for them to survive. Relating can simply be defined as making a connection or understanding someone else’s story as if it were your own. A lot of successful marriages and friendships have been built simply through that and they remain intact to date because of that. Relating is a powerful tool and people seem not to be taking advantage of it. Sometimes we are afraid to share our stories because we feel that we will be judged, but the truth of the matter is that we can only be judged by people who do not understand us or what we’re going through, people who haven’t been in our shoes. For this reason alone, The Filling Station prides itself in grouping posts according to the people that may find them useful and also encourages conversations between those who feel that they can relate on a certain subject. It’s always refreshing to meet someone that you can identify with because that on its own is an opportunity for you to source solutions to a problem that you may have been dealing with on your own all along.

“Relating can simply be defined as making a connection or understanding someone else’s story as if it were your own”

It’s not very easy to open up and trust someone else with your story and there are many reasons behind that. At The Filling Station, we believe in the concept of opening up to a “Mirror a stranger” mentality – this basically means using the information shared by people who have conquered their demons or in the process of doing so, as an aid to your advancement. It is an opportunity for you to learn a thing or two and come up with creative ways to sort out your own “mess”. We encourage positive conversations amongst our readers and that is why all comments go through moderation before they are posted so you can be rest assured that this is a safe environment. We understand how sensitive the issue of mental health can become and realise that we have to tread carefully in everything that we do. Through comments, people are able to see parts of themselves that they’d like to connect with and from there beautiful, transforming conversations can begin to take place.

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Relating not only gives you an opportunity to talk about how you feel but sometimes you actually get to hear yourself. It’s so easy to get lost in what we are complaining about so much that we fail to realise that we may have already sped through the solution without even noticing. We are social animals and we thrive on social connections to move forward in our careers, to make friends or to source the validation we feel we cannot give to ourselves, but that’s a topic for another post. The joys of relating to someone is that advice feels more actionable than it does when it comes from a practitioner because then it tends to sound more instructional. We believe that relating will help everyone build positive long lasting relationships with different kinds of people from different corners of the world. For us at The Filling Station, relating is the main ingredient in every life-changing story.

We are certain that this is a theory that will always work because for once, you can just stop everything that you’re doing and possibly bump into a shareable post about something that you identify with. If you can’t explain what you’re going through, maybe someone else can. Sometimes, all we need is someone that will say “I get it”, without any judgment.  Throughout the month, we’ll be posting stories that will guide the conversation and in the comment section, you’ll get to meet people who are like you. One of our goals is to help build positive relationships between our readers because sometimes that is all you need to advance to the next level of your life.

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We live by the motto that one person’s story is another person’s breakthrough and when everything is said and done the right way, we are all able to reach a conclusion that will prepare us for the life that we’ve been dreaming about.


Introducing The Filling Station

Introducing The Filling Station

We live in a world where it has become normal to dwell on the negative and let life be as it is. We allow ourselves to be consumed by the simple things that arise in our lives, thus turning them into mountains that we cannot even begin to move past. We tend to work our way into a state of depression and anxiety all because we seem to not have been equipped with enough skills to move past certain challenges. There are a wide range of websites and other publications that look at tackling these issues head-on, but have they went about it the right way?

More and more people are starting to become aware of their own mental health, and one can say that it’s been a long time coming. It’s only now that we are being exposed to the dangers of a compromised state of mind and it is on us to take an active approach to change that and not add to its casualties. There are a range of mental disorders that have been making headlines, but depression and anxiety seem to be the ones mostly affecting the youth. The youth of today has somewhat become negative, and sharing experiences or simply asking for help turns them into victims of bullying and scrutiny. This not only applies to the youth but children and mature adults too, and this continues to exacerbate the bad state that mental health as a topic currently stands because there seems to be no hope moving forward. Suicide deaths are on the rise, but why should we let these be the only indicators that something needs to be done?

depressed worried girl

The Filling Station is a non-profit organisation/website that looks at spreading positivity amongst individuals who fall under different groups such as women, LGBTI, men (especially), youth, etc. In order for us to do this successfully, we will rely on the beauty of relating. Most information that there is about depression and anxiety or mental disorders as a whole, feels rather instructional because it comes from a professional, which makes it somewhat difficult for the reader to relate or even identify with the content that has been put forth. At The Filling Station, we believe that someone else’s story is another person’s breakthrough. We may all be dealing with a problem that someone has overcome and who better to guide you than someone who has been in your shoes and walked the same path as you?

We believe in building relationships that grow you as individuals and that is why we stress the importance of relating. The art of relating allows two complete strangers to connect on a more intimate level for the sake of each other’s advancement. Depression has managed to claim a lot of lives, and there are a number of reasons attached to that, but the availability of platforms where people can express themselves and connect with people that cannot only help them but understand them, seems not to be a common trend, especially in South Africa. Our goal is to connect people from different parts of the world and get them to support each other whilst posting content that guides the conversation.


Mental health has always been a topic of discussion, but without the education, there can be no advancement. It is our goal as The Filling Station to not only share the stories of those who have somehow conquered but to also educate others about the benefits of a positive mental state. When this is achieved, we are able to:

  • Make informed decisions about where our future is headed.
  • Gain fresh perspectives on an old recurring problem.
  • Boost self-esteem and improve self-development.
  • Reduce anxiety and depression among individuals.

As much as this is a South African-based initiative, we are looking to expand our reach to all corners of the globe because we believe that we can change the world, one mind at a time. The world is in need of platforms like these.

Change the world, one mind at a time.

Our goal is to further expand and get into organising workshops and seminars where mental health will take centre stage. As mentioned above, we want to educate individuals about the benefits of a sound mental state of mind. One thing we have promised ourselves is that we will not dwell on the negative aspects, but rather focus on solutions and spreading positive energy through our content and activities. Everything that we get involved in will be based on fuelling positivity and acting as positive-agents to shed light on those who find themselves in the dark rut that is a compromised state of mind.

Our end goal is to create charged up individuals, springing out of their self-limiting beliefs and stopping at nothing to achieve the goals that they’ve set for themselves.

15 October 2018 – SAVE THE DATE!

Starting from 9am on the 15th of October 2018, the world will never be the same again. Why? Well, The Filling Station is finally going live!

After a year and a half of contemplation, a lot of doubt, sacrificed nights-out and a lot of sleepless nights which were mostly caused by the anxiety of not knowing whether this would work or not, we have decided that this is the right time to launch this website. During this “struggle”, a beautiful team was built and you’ll get to know them more during the course of next week – we call them The Tank. They are the people that come up with most of the content that will be posted here.

Some of you might still not know what the hype is all about, but that’s why I decided to post this article and just enlighten you pre-launch day. The Filling Station is a website/non-profit organisation created to fight the stigma surrounding mental health and promote wellness among individuals.


The Filling Station is basically for everyone. The world is malnourished, people are running on reserve without even realising it. Some are on the verge of throwing in the towel whilst others just survive because they have no other choice. I could literally go on forever, but I guess the point is that we all need to get to a point where we begin to take care of ourselves. It’s time we all connected and took care of the deepest self who is easily swallowed by worldly pressure.

The Filling Station promises to rejuvenate your soul and connect you to people like yourself that are going through the same challenges as you. People are giving up on their dreams, walking out on their goals and simply tapping out because no matter how hard they try, things seem not to work out. I’m talking to the millennial that feels like giving up because his business seems not to be getting anywhere, the single mother who has gone on countless dates and yet still fails to find a soulmate leading to her feeling less…beautiful. I’m talking to the man that cannot express how he feels because society condemns him for doing so. I’m talking to the teenager that finds it hard to fit in because they suffer from undiagnosed social anxiety and the young man who dreads holiday season because he has to go back to his “straight” life. I’m here to say, you are not alone and together we will walk this road until we are charged up and live the lives that we’ve been called to live. The Filling Station prides itself in connecting people who share a lot in common because sometimes one person’s story, is another person’s breakthrough. I could learn a lot from your experience only, and vice versa.


No matter where you are, you can always find us right here, changing the world – one mind at a time. Our introductory theme for next week is New Beginnings. It’s not too late to start afresh and we have some nice articles to just fill you with positivity and prepare you for the next level of your life. Let us all strive for personal excellence.

We look forward to bumping into you, don’t forget to stop at The Filling Station. 15 October 2018. Do not forget! Since you’re here, feel free to browse around and just get a feel of where we’re going with this. 🙂


Where All The Magic Happens

Here’s where all the filling up happens. This part of the website is where you can expect to find posts that are cut into different categories just to fit your personal preference. We all go through different things at different times, and The Filling Station groups those accordingly so that they are more suiting to your situation.

We encourage comments on our posts so as to push conversations among people who relate to each other because we believe one person’s story is another person’s breakthrough. Our posts are based mostly on boosting positivity and inspiring people to better their lives.



We have a range of topics to choose from to feed your soul and just get into the right frequency. Currently, our categories are:

  • Friendships
    • Because we know those can also get out of control, with most people ending up asking the dreadful question: Do I really need friends?
  • Relationships
    • These make up a large part of our depression and anxiety, and we will delve deeper into this topic.
  • Men
    • The soldiers who aren’t meant to even comment about how they feel. So much pressure is put on a man and that leads to depression.
    • Probably the most judged group in the world, but we are here to keep them going.
  • Women
    • Because women love to relate.

We will make daily posts, grouped into different categories and eventually collecting to give you the pleasure of reading.