About Us

The Filling Station is a website/non-profit organisation created to fight the stigma surrounding mental health and promote wellness among individuals.


The main purpose of this initiative is clearly highlighted in our slogan and it is to fuel positivity in individuals. Many people find it difficult to connect to a positive frequency which is vital to enhance productivity and in return see individuals, on a large scale, achieving their goals. We want to create brave and inspired individuals that go out of their way to make their dreams and ideas a reality.

We want to create brave and inspired individuals



We aim to inspire and empower individuals through education on mental health so that they can use it to advance to the next level of their lives and achieve self-mastery.


To see The Filling Station acting as a provider of solutions for people dealing with mental health issues (both diagnosed and undiagnosed)and introducing them to methods that they can adapt to improve the quality of their lives.


About our Totem 

Our totem is the Malachite Butterfly. A butterfly is a symbol of change and hope. Before becoming the beautiful creatures that they become, they have to go through a process of change which is known as a metamorphosis. Through The Filling Station, we hope to equip individuals with the information and skills they need to tap into their own metamorphosis.